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Re: Samoa and Israel 

Yes, the world knows but they just silently stand by. 

The U.N. is acting in Americas best interests. I just watched an Israeli man on YouTube exposing the fraudulent nature of Israel’s existence, saying how white Jews are being recruited by an American Jewish company from all over the world, to migrate to Israel. 

He said that in the Bible, the Jews were non-white and yet 95% of Jews are white. He said the original Hebrews come from Ethiopia and Sudan and that they are found as far west in West Africa. 

He then went on to say how the enslaved Africans that were taken to America, are the true children of Israel. 

It makes sense. Even the original Egyptians were from the upper Nile, Sudan where they are black and yet (western) history has stepped around the Blackness of the origins of this civilisation as well.


S. Auimatagi

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