Government wants new hotel

Government is calling for expressions of interest to build a 50 room hotel for the Commonwealth Youth Games.

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Parliament committee to decide media fate

Speaker of the House, La’auli Leuatea Polata’ivao has called for the media to be investigated by Parliament’s powerful Privileges and Ethics Committee.

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Samoa attends first high level meeting of global aid group

Limited human resource capacities, still weak systems in some Forum Island Countries and the high cost of delivering aid in the Pacific continue to hamper effective development.

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Rear Admiral praises opportunities for women

Samoa’s Police Minister Sala Fata Pinati has been praised for the opportunities he has afforded the women under his ministerial portfolio.

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Samoa Observer Frontpage
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Police report delayed again

Members of the public are unlikely to read the findings of a Commission of Inquiry into allegations of corruption at the Ministry of Police and Prisons for another two months.

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Duties drop, checks slashed

Government collection of import duties and other revenue on international trade has dropped by more than two per cent in the six years between 2006 and 2012.

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Legal documents delay shipping sale

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It’s been seven months since the government announced the signing to finalise the sale of half of P.F.L., Pacific Forum Line to Neptune Pacific Line and the formality has encountered many delays.

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Beating the odds

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Ruth Ueselani is one woman who has beaten all odds to prove that she is more than just a high school drop out with no future.

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Ten years of village unity

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In today’s community page, we bring you photos from Fasito’o-uta’s annual service to commemorate the day when the village came together to reconcile.

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Little girl loses battle with cancer

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At first glance, the staff at the Samoa Victim Support Group (S.V.S.G) must have thought they were dealing with an extreme case of domestic violence.

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Stink in the middle of Apia

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With the U.N.’s Small Islands Developing States conference a few months away, a stink in the middle of Apia has raised eyebrows.

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Latest Sports

Manusina to open Women’s World Cup

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Manusina will play England to open the Women’s World Cup while defending champions New Zealand face minnows Kazakhstan when the tournament kicks off in Paris on Friday August 1.

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Kiwi Samoa lines up against Oceania giants

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At the other end of the spectrum are Kiwi FC who were victors at last year’s preliminary competition, and will become the fi rst Samoan club to compete at this level since 2001.

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Village .....

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Animal society plans to attend S.I.D.S.

Animal welfare is critical to sustainable development. That’s the message that could be on the agenda at this year’s Small Islands Developing States Conference (S.I.D.S.) here in Samoa.

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Of rights, procedures and taxpayers’ sweat and tears

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Last week, the Parliament of the Independent State of Samoa accepted 39 reports without debate.

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Latest Cartoon
Latest Cartoon

Another financial scandal

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Banks caught in the London Interbank Offered Rate (L.I.B.O.R) scandal in 2010-12 are involved again in another scandal.

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Censorship: Curtailing freedom of speech

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“Yes, the voice of freedom is a sweet one. To be able to speak freely without persecution must be the greatest gift of democracy”

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Online Classifieds
Online Classifieds

Prank or be pranked!

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Happy April Fools day! Well, happy late April Fools day. A day for out going pranksters and for anyone who has a sense of humor.  

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Procrastination: Don’t let it control or stop you

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The past week I had the opportunity to take a practice test for an upcoming ACT that my school had provided for me. I was thrilled that I would be able to take the test without my parents having to arrange and pay for it, my school was already taking care of that!

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Frustrated by delayed response from the Court

Dear Editor, Our family has had three matters in a row that had been brought to the attention of the President of the Land and Titles Court with an urgent request for appropriate action and decision.


Cyclones will wipe out ‘new’ beach

Dear Editor, Upon reading the article in the Samoa Observer and observing the earthworks on Beach Rd; I can only say - unbelievable, incredible and, yes, stupid.


Player selection and the S.R.U Chairman

Dear Editor, Somehow, I believe that the Chairman of the S.R.U has got the right heart in running the Union. However, he is involved in too many organizations to concentrate on one thing.



Le Uaina Beach Resort