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Faleata worst hit by outbreak

Faleata has been hardest hit by the current Chik...

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Boy drowns The Police at Faleolo received a call o...

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Carrots potential for Samoa

Four different types of carrots can be grown in ...

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Ministry stands firm

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of N...

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What Justice Committee told Parliament

A Parliamentary Select Committee has raised conc...

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Samoans Abroad

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Viliamu takes on Mr. Dick

“I feel someone of my particular backg...

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Husky linebacker provides spark

“Not a rite of passage but kinda like ...

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Think a Minute!

The juggler

Think a minute… There was a young man who moved from his home in Italy to live in America. He studi...

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New Zealand downs gallant Toa Samoa in epic Test

Toa Samoa pushed New Zealand all the way but were overrun in the dying stages in an epic Four Nations encounter.

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Cyclone season caution issued

Another “Cyclone Val” could be on the cards this season with the Meteorology Division reporting elevated cyclone activity for the Samoan region.

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D.H.L milestone in Samoa

South Seas International Traders, the agents for D.H.L in Samoa, celebrated a milestone on Wednesday.

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Japan pours $440,000 to Samoa Schools

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The Government of Japan under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) has granted $220,000 each to Vaovai and Matautu Primary Schools.

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Samoana Jazz and Arts Festival features inaugural Samoan Musicology Forum

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Old Samoan songs, chants, children’s lullabies and stories (fagogo) dating back to the mid 1800’s will become part of the inaugural Samoan Musicology Forum that kicks off in American Samoa this weekend and ends in Apia on Friday 7 November.

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Export earnings jump 21 per cent

Samoa’s export earning markedly increased by 21 per cent, the Central Bank of Samoa (C.B.S.) reports. In its latest Selected Economic Indicators Report, the Bank attributes this jump to higher receipts from fuel re-exports, beer, nonu juices, taro, copra meal and coconut, to name a few.

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Fire safety boosted

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Fire safety in Samoa received a tremendous boost yesterday evening thanks to the Australian government.

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How the Toa will stack up against the Kiwis

Just as the naysayers outside of the Sunshine State raised their pitchforks and asked what could possibly have topped a 43-year-old NRL fairytale that included a John Sattler-esque hero, out stepped the Kiwis with a well-timed rugby league curveball.

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Vaitele Soi up against some tough opponents

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The NZ Herald - The Monster is hoping for some good news on Halloween.Scotland’s Stephen Simmons, known as the ‘Simbo Monster’ due to his impressive physical strength, is one of a handful of cruiserweight boxers in contention to be handed a wildcard for next month’s Super 8 fight night on the North Shore.

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Parker vs Leapai unlikely

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'Brotherhood' preventing bout Joseph Parker’s handlers would jump at the chance to put him in the ring with Alex Leapai but don’t expect the Australian heavyweight to replicate the interest.

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Toa Samoa stars questioned over fight at Hot Gossip club

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The Courier Mail - The Toa Samoa has been rocked by an unwelcomed distraction ahead of their Four Nations tournament this weekend.

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Prisons and Corrections boss deserves support so he could make a difference

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In the ideal world, we’d rather have fewer prisoners, wouldn’t we?

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Chikungunya, ebola and the fear factor

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Where do we start? With so much disease and war going on in our world today, it can be very easy t...

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Fifth place finish for NZ 7’s

The fifth place finish gives New Zealand 13 points to start the IRB Sevens World Series season.

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Use a suggestion box next time

Dear Editor, Re: Boss defends bizarre antic Have you ever heard of a “Suggestion Box”? Have a suggestion box so employees can write their suggestions and ideas and drop them in the box.


Looking for my relatives in Samoa

Dear Editor, Bula Vinaka. I am from Fiji from the isle of Matuku Lau Group & from the village of Yaroi.


Think before you speak!

Dear Editor, I would like to lodge a complaint about the disrespectful remarks by the C.E.O of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture aired on TV via Tala Fou News dated 16th October 2014; about the Samoan teachers recruited by American Samoa.


More to the case than meets the eye

Dear Editor, After reading the Ombudsman report, there seems to be more to the case of the father locked up for a driving offence than meets the eye.


Act barbaric, uncivilised

Dear Editor, I agree with Vesp Lore comments, “practice of banishment should be banned”, in addition it is also barbaric and uncivilized.