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Jobs on I.L.O’s S.I.D.S agenda

PR - The International Labour Organization (I.L.O) will call for greater emphasis on decent job creation as a path to sustainable development at the United Nations Small Island Developing States (S.I.D.S) Conference in Apia, Samoa from 1-4 September ...

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How are we endangering the oceans and seas?

A survey in the United Kingdom showed that 60 per cent of the bread tested contained pesticide residue. Although pesticides are sprayed on land, many times, they can make their way into a water source, such as a river, ocean, or po...

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Urgent action needed to sustain oceans and seas

A key priority for Small Island Developing States is oceans and seas, along with coastal areas. Indeed, oceans and seas are intrinsically tied with S....

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Water Authority issues assurance

Given the theme of the Meeting, the Community welcomes the opportunity to develop partnerships with the international community, since these are of strategic importance for small, open economies like ours, if we are to succeed in our poverty alleviation and sustainable development ef...

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Villages roll out the welcoming mat for S.I.D.S.

The drive from the Faleolo International Airport towards the Apia Township has never been more at...

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Schools pitch in for S.I.D.S.

Schools students across Samoa pitched in to help out with nation wide preparations for the upcoming Small Island Developing States (S.I.D.S.) conference last Fr...

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A smile for S.I.D.S.

Villages throughout Samoa are adding the final touches to their preparations to welcome thousands of visitors expected for the Small Island Developing States (S.I.D.S) co...

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P.M. says well done, everyone!

Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, has given villages and churches a verbal pat on the back for the countless hours they have put in to beautify Samoa ahead of the S.I.D.S co...

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P.M. talks up employment opportunities in Samoa

Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, is adamant that there are “enormous employment opportunities” in Samoa.

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Water Authority issues assurance

The Managing Director of Samoa Water Authority (S.W.A); Seugamali’i Jamie Saena, has reassured members of the public that their 24-hour service phone line is working fine.

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Bad debts and liabilities highlighted

The Samoa Housing Corporation’s (S.H.C.) bad debts spiralled in the 2010 financial year, the Controller and Chief Auditor has reported.

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U.S. helps to combat chikungunya

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The United States of America Army Reserves are assisting Samoa’s health sector to combat the chikungunya epidemic sweeping the country.

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Samoan Beauty's vie for 2014 Miss Samoa title

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The Miss Samoa Pageant 2014 programme has officially started and one of the first activities was the official photo shoot yesterday.

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Food vendors get pass mark

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Visitors to the Teuila and S.I.D.S Food Festival yesterday gave the local cooks a pass mark for taste, presentation and innovation with local ingredients.

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Samoa Post makes $600,000 in first year

Samoa Post Limited made almost $600,000 in its first year trading as a public body, the Chief Auditor says.In his 2011 report to the Legislative Assembly, Fuimaono C.G. Afele notes that this was the first audit of the operation for the 10 months ended June 30, 2009.

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National 7's women’s tournament on the roll

PR - The 2014 Samoa Women’s Rugby 7's Tournament gets underway with Vaiala Women’s taking round 2 of week 2 at Samoa Rugby Union field Tuanaimato.

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Apia Union wins 2014 NPC Cup

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PR - The Samoa Rugby Union National Provincial Championship 2014 wrapped up yesterday with Apia Union re-claiming the championship title in a ruthless final against Aana.

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A race for warriors

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On Saturday just gone, Samoa hosted our second International Half Ironman event. There were road closures around Apia in abundance. Traffic was at slow-motion throughout the day as triathletes and vehicles vied for limited space on Beach Road space.

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Shooters vie for ranking and Games selection

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Last Saturday was an exciting time for the members of the Samoa Shooting Federation (SSF) as they gathered at the Tafaigata Shooting range to compete in the Apia Clay Target Club’s (ACTC) TOP 100 Shooting Competition. A total of nineteen shooters took part to compete for the Poloa Finance Grade A Trophy and Poloa Builders Grade B Trophy.

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Joseph Parker beats Keith Thompson

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Kiwi heavyweight Joseph Parker racked up his 10th consecutive win as a professional with a third-round knockout of American Keith Thompson in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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Medals, records and more to come

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PR - Four Gold, three Silver and five Bronze medals was the haul from the Oceania Athletics Area Championships held in Rarotonga, Cook Islands recently according to Athletics Samoa Coach, Faleomavaega Vaovai Tupu.

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Under 15’s netball make an entrance

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PR - Having completed their first round, the “A” division of the Polynesian Shipping Line National League took a break on Saturday to allow for the new comers of the League - the Under 15’s – to kick off their tournament with two rounds on the first day.

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  • International Conference on Small Island Developing States
  • International Conference on Small Island Developing States
  • International Conference on Small Island Developing States
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Tackling costly abuse

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The story titled “Minister fronts up, denies wrong doing” on the front page of the Sunday Samoan is hard to fathom. If there was nothing wrong with the son of a Cabinet Minister driving a government-owned vehicle, carrying a private number plate, then maybe there is a “reason in thy madness” as to why so many public servants feel that it is well within their rights to abuse public properties.

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The whisper of roses

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When a gentle touch is absent, many things collapse, even the mind of a good intention.

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Is it the end of the W.T.O?

By refusing to ratify the Protocol of Amendment to Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) by July 31 the...

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Observer Poems


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PoliticsEconomicsScienceThe riches of the worldThe wonders of this planetThe creations of man kind...

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When you were gone, All my memories were hauntedSuddenly I felt about you all along.Tried to find ...

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The arduous journey To a promising desti

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As a student in year thirteen, in the midst of the concluding year for education and the precipice...

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As you probably know, my last article was about bringing family here, to Samoa. But this one is ab...

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Street Talk

What do you think of the Vailoa tragedy v

Leslie Kohlhase has been found not guilty of two charges of manslaughter and two alternative charges...

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Street vendors see no issue

With the issue of child labour in the news of late, Kerstin Ofisa took to the streets of Apia to fin...

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Observer Arts


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Looking at the current burst of artistic creativity around the Teuila Festival and SIDS Conference...

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“We’re talking about a way of educating that involves artistic sensibilities—artistic habits of mi...

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Observer Events

Talofa lava!

After watching several episodes of the “Worlds’ coolest Destinations” recently, I pondered the question as a visitor, “Why would I want to go to Samoa?  It really is just another island and by golly there are thousands scattered around the globe all offering pristine water, white sandy beaches and tropical weather. What is the big deal anyway?”

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Savaia Marine Reserve “Building a better

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Nestled in the peaceful and serene Lefaga Bay is the picturesque village of Savaia, home of the Savaia Marine Reserve, a successful community project, skilfully managed and overseen by its village council appointed Project Steering Committee.

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Lady justice must be fair

Dear Editor, Good on the Attorney General and his team for looking to review the Supreme Court assessors’ decision on the Leslie Kohlhase case.


They don’t keep their laws

Dear Editor, That MOR 15 vehicle in your BTL on the weekend has been touring around after hours for some time.


Well done, Faimalotoa Kika Stowers!

Dear Editor, I would like to congratulate Faimalotoa Kika Stowers, our mother, aunty and for winning the elections to become a M.P for Gagaifomauga 1.


Are we prepared for an Ebola outbreak here?

Dear Editor,   Re: Ebola threat to Samoa and the Pacific As the contagious Ebola has been declared an international disease by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O), its occurrence in Samoa or neighbouring Pacific island countries in the foreseeable future is possible due to infected people coming in through air or sea travel.