It all starts at home

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Dear Editor

Re: Popular eatery hit by thieves 

Parents and families should be there to do their job with these people who have become criminals.

Everybody is complaining about the government not doing something because it’s easier to blame them! 

Even if the government starts opening jobs (which they already try but people complain as well about that). 

That is not the root problem! 

I work outside of town and I see young people hanging out all day doing nothing...they’re not home, they’re not helping their families, obviously not doing any feaus as well. 

They do nothing all day.

Let us be reminded that raising proper kids and young people start at home!!!! People all blame the government and the high price of living...but the truth is that parents are not raising their kids with proper Loving Biblical foundation. 

Yeah lack of money can make people do stupid things, but even if we make just a little every week in my family, the thought of stealing or hurting people around me would never come because we put God first! 

If people say it’s because they are bored, we’ve got plenty of feaus that needs to get done here! 

People need to rise up, fathers need to rise up and be there for their sons! It all starts at home.


Maree A.C.

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