It doesn’t make sense at all

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Dear Editor,

Re: Matautu wharf closure possible 

This makes no sense at all. 

Why does the wharf need to be shutdown during the installation of the cable?

First of all, the main entry of cable from Fiji should be Savai’i which is nearest point between the Island Nations.

From Savai’i, the main communication fabric optic line can split four ways to ensure all part of the island is covered for any future projects or needs.

Second, the cost to bring cable to our people is extremely evasive and full of disruption. Why not invest in a Satellite Communication System in lieu of cable? 

Company like Direct Tv provides similar services and utilizing existing phone lines as internet infrastructures.

Most countries are moving away from hard fiber optic cable to Satellite.

This is typical of the H.R.P.P. Cable is coming to Samoa while is on its life support on other countries.

By the time this project is completed, the rest of the world will be on the next technological evolution.



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