Parent slams Ministry

By Diedre Fanene ,

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A 51-year-old father of Vaiusu has turned to the media to express his disappointment about the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture (M.E.S.C).

He has accused them of being careless in marking his son’s Samoa School Leaving Certificate Computer paper.

The father did not want to reveal his identity nor that of his son to avoid repercussions. But the student attended Pesega College last year.

“My son and the rest of the Yr. 13 students at Pesega had their computer marks wrong when the S.S.L.C. result came out,” he said. “I was the one who went and picked up my son’s results and when I came home I told him that his computer marks had dropped. He said he was sure that the marks were wrong.

“Last Wednesday my son went to register at the National University of Samoa and there he met his classmates who had the same problem with their Computer results.”

The students returned to school to check with their teacher. “When they asked the teacher, they were told that those marks were wrong.”

The parents of the students then approached the Ministry of Education.

 “I went to the Curriculum Division Unit of the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture and showed them my son’s results and to my surprise they told me that they had a problem with their system,” he said.

“I was so disappointed with their reply because if the students hadn’t complained, they wouldn’t have done anything about the results.

“How can they say the system was down? They had a whole month to prepare all of these to make sure that these things won’t happen?

“It’s unbelievable; these people have no idea how hard it is for the children to work on getting good grades so that they can go to university and this is all that they can say was that the system was down?”

The disappointed father said he would’ve just let it pass if it was anything else but because this matter involves the students, he thinks that it is an issue that people need to be aware of.

“It was lucky that the students noticed their marks were not right because if they didn’t, this would have affected their grades in university,” he said.

“I hope the Ministry will be very careful and be very serious with the children’s results especially when it comes to School Certificate and S.S.L.C results. These are the most important exams in their lives.

“I urge the Ministry at the same time to be alert because it is the future of the children that they are handling.”

An attempt to get a comment from the Curriculum Division Unit of the Ministry was unsuccessful.



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