Man begs for a living in Apia

By Sarafina Sanerivi ,

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Earning a living is a hard task for all of us. 

Everyone has a story to tell about their struggles to make ends meet.  For one unfortunate man, life is even tougher for him. So hard that the only choice left for him to get money is by begging on the streets.  Pita Shane is among the growing number of beggars we see in the town of Apia. 

He says that he is from the village of Pesega and he is usually seen in front of Eveni sitting there asking people for money. 

When the Sunday Samoan asked him why he begs, Pita said he “has no choice.”

“I badly need money,” he said. “And this is the only way I can get some money to buy things for myself.” Pita is 41 years old. He is not married and doesn’t have any children. He said he stays with some of his relatives at Pesega.  “I don’t like being a burden to them so this is my way of getting money for myself,” he said.  He said that he wanted to start a plantation since he was never educated or qualified to get a job.  However his family does not have enough land for a plantation. Though it seems like Pita’s life is tough, he said he enjoys it.

“This is how I get money and I have no other choice,” he said. “But I love what I do and I am grateful that most people are very kind to unfortunate people like me.

“A lot of people judge me and look down on me every time I ask them for money.”  But the negative attitudes and the maltreatments he’s been getting doesn’t stop him from doing what he’s doing.

He said the little money he gets from asking people goes straight into buying food for himself and he doesn’t share it with anyone else.

“I don’t drink beer and I only spend the money I get for food.”

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