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Samoa’s million-dollar man must think the people of Samoa have very short memories. The bad news for him is, they don’t.

The list of stories and headlines about his spending of taxpayers’ money and his laissez faire attitude to management, is long, detailed and still very fresh in our minds. As are his tears in Parliament when he attempted to exonerate himself on his way out as Minister.

And not forgetting his Marie Antoinette type attitude of “let them eat cake” when he was questioned about the excessive refurbishment of his office to the tune of some 600,000 tala.

So his call to establish a Ministry of Climate Change is predictably seen by cynics and realists alike, as a bid to put himself forward to head this proposed ‘Ministry’. 

Oh please!

Anybody with half a brain is aware that enormous sums of money are being thrown at Samoa in the name of Climate Change by the large nations in an attempt to make up for the damage already visible, particularly to our low-lying neighbouring islands.

The thought of someone with his history being in charge of anything other than his own pocket money, is enough to make one consider moving to those endangered, low-lying islands to get away from him.

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