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By Deidre Tautua-Fanene ,

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WINNER OF THE PRE-ANNIVERSARY PROMO IN APIA: Movita Ah Him with her mother and some of BSL Staff members.

WINNER OF THE PRE-ANNIVERSARY PROMO IN APIA: Movita Ah Him with her mother and some of BSL Staff members.

Two lucky winners from Upolu and Savai’i received two 40” flat screen television sets yesterday when Bussiness Systems Limited’s pre anniversary promo came to an end.

Movita Ah Him of Upolu who is a student at Robert Louis Stevenson and Faafia Fua of Savaii were the lucky winners.

According to B.S.L. Marketing Manager, Leeroy Feaunati, the promotion ran for three weeks as a pre-anniverssary celebration of B.S.L’s 40th anniversary in August.

“It is our way of giving back to our loyal customers who have always supported us despite the fact that there are many other stationery stores here in Samoa these customers will always choose B.S.L."

“We also consider the needs of families as we all know there are some families who are struggling financially so here at Business System we put the needs of the families first and by that we help out by providing lowest prices in terms of books and stationeries.”

Ms. Leeroy went on to say that there is so much more that B.S.L. is offering as part of their celebration.

“There is always competition and it’s tough but it’s okay,” she said.

“We know that we hardly do any advertisement on television or newspaper however, we believe that if we came this far for more than 20 years we will survive in the next forty years."

“We have our loyal customers and loyal daily walk ins that pop in every day and so we go by the quality of our service."

“It’s the service that brings back our customers even if others say its expensive or what not but if a customer is satisfied with the service we offer they will never forget."

“But we are good with competition and it’s good to have competition as well so that we know what we need to do because at the end of the day we all have one aim that will benefit the children, schools and individuals."

“So the celebration will run throughout the whole month of August and since it’s a family business it will be up to the owners if the celebration will carry on until the end of the year or the month but as long as the customers benefit from it."

Speaking about the draw, we did not do the draw ourselves we had an employee from Customs do it for us.

“And she brought out the names of one of our loyal customers."

“They spent about $496 in our store and she won a 40 inch flat screen TV."

“As you know Savaii also had a draw yesterday and so there was a winner from the big island of Savaii."

“The cost of the 40 inches flat screen television is about $1,200 and there were a lot of other customers who spent more than our winner however, her name came up when an employee of Customs drew out her name."

“For everyone’s information our winner is one of our many loyal customers."

“They always shop here at B.S.L. and we didn’t draw her name out someone from another company drew out her name and so it was very exciting.”

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