Let’s have some real justice

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Dear Editor,

Tuilaepa vehemently rejected the idea of an Anti-Corruption Tribunal last year then suddenly his name appeared on the news giving the thumbs up to the establishment of a National Prosecution Office (N.P.O).

What is so interesting about this sudden change of heart by Stui was the fact that the N.P.O was suggested by the Commonwealth Secretariat not the people of Samoa.

For me it is always good to have international assistance for Samoa. In that way we can tap into resources and expertise that we don’t have.  But what bothers me the most though is the fact that it takes an interference from a foreign organisation for things to happen in Samoa. 

Samoa is a sovereign state with a Prime Minister and a government, but it looks like our government and Prime Minister were willing to bow down to foreigners and desecrate the sanctity of our sovereignty. 

We have seen the same thing happening to the sanctity of our customary land ownership, merchants and outside interference were assisting the government in drawing up legislations to help wrestle customary land rights from Samoan people. 

We have seen him cautioning the chairman of World Rugby about interfering in the affairs of another sovereign state when corruption in S.R.U was exposed by players but he eventually relented and disappeared completely from the picture (he is still chairman though). 

He likes to belittle and use derision when confronted by his people about his leadership but look at what’s happening when he comes face to face with a white man. This is not good for justice at all; we need a strong leader with a passion for justice and the people. 

The O.P.C 2010 report clearly shows elements of criminality but Stui as the Prime Minister of Samoa did not do anything about it. 

All we know at this point is that Faumuina Liuga apologised to Stui for whatever reasons and that was the end of it? 

I am a proud Samoan and a staunch Manu fan but for now I say bring on the N.P.O…bring on the experts and empower our justice system and show these guys what justice is really about.


Le Mafa

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