Samoa a tax haven

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Dear Editor,

It’s good that we now have a response from the Central Bank where they told us all that stuff but the truth of the matter is, Samoa is a tax haven for money laundering for overseas investors. 

When this issue was first raised about 24 months ago or so, the Prime Minister admitted to it. He clearly stated at the time that Samoa only received a small percentage of this revenue compare to other countries. 

He also stated that this free revenue was used to build other infrastructures, which weren’t covered in their budget forecast. 

Therefore it looks like the Governor is not aware of what the government is doing. Either that or she is hiding the truth from us thinking her report is good enough for the people of Samoa not to worry. 

Well, Governor it looks like you have too many Task Forces and Special Units established but they are focusing their investigation around the root cause because the root cause controls you and your bank and that is the Govt. 

I wonder if the new Police Commissioner is involved in any of these Task Forces? He seems to be the right person to crack this riddle if the Governor can’t.



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