Leave God out of it

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Dear Editor,

Re: In it to make a difference 

This is the second female candidate to claim that her plan to run for Parliament is a calling from God. Well, no surprise there since I think all politicians in government believe the same. 

The corrupt ones also believe they’re doing God’s will - to corrupt, plunder, embezzle, etc. The P.M. also believes his calling is from God and everything he’s doing in office is God’s will. (I wonder if it includes his penchant for insulting others. LOL!)

This God-sent excuse and reason is starting to get out of hand and becoming audaciously ridiculous. By the way, our national motto is not a good enough reason to invoke God in political propaganda. It borders on blasphemy. 

I wonder if they think that a mere mention of deity is a form of validation for their political aspirations. These politician wannabes need to be careful about taking God’s name in vain. It’s the same propensity that has led others to carry out egregious acts of murder and suicidal attacks in many parts of the world. It’s God’s will they say. See the danger in this?

So if these political aspirants believe that running for Parliament is a calling from God, then they better win. 

Because if they don’t they’re likely to curse God, ke’i a lea ua le koe alu i se loku ...hahaha I wonder if they will say then that God has changed his mind, rescinded the calling and called another candidate. 

On the other hand, if they win, they can do anything - good and bad - in office and still feel justified because they are convinced that they were called by God.

Just do the right thing for the right reason even without a direct reference to God. That certainly will have His approval. Manuia le alo atu i faiga palota. 

May the best, competent, caring and patriotic candidates win.


LV Letalu

Lalomanu and Utah

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