That foul odour

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Re: Alcohol factory refutes claim 

“Mr. Fugen explained that one of the reasons for the rise in complaints is because he used to give villagers gifts to keep them quiet but once he stopped giving them gifts, they began to complain.”

You know that gifts always corrupt the hearts and judgment.

“Mr. Fugen denied claims about the factory being a health hazard. 

“It’s not bad for the health,” he said.”

Looks like Mr. Fugen was the one who performed the hazardous tests for P.U.M.A. and the M.O.H.

”he said people are scared because they do not understand.”

Mr. Fugen has also learned from the Prime Minister’s vocabulary and dictionary. 

Now that Mr. Fugen said that it’s a fermented rice, but what else that’s in the firewood that coupled with fermented rice that produces such an odor? 

Could it be corruption? 


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