Eels and Chiefs set for epic Super Nine final

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Eels team at Apia Park.

Eels team at Apia Park. (Photo: Ulimasao Fata)

The Super 9 Finals is finally here! 

Now that the dust has settled, only two teams are left standing. Two battle harden teams that weathered nine weeks of tough round robin clashes and withstand the semi finals onslaught to etch their names in Samoan rugby legend as the first finalist in the Super 9 Rugby Championship.

The scene is set in a sequel to last year's N.P.C Final where the reigning NPC Champions Aana now Chiefs will go one on one with Apia now Eels.

The Super 9 Final is a blockbuster of epic propositions and a must see for all you rugby purists and fanatics.

The same can be said about the Under-20s Final where a bruising Knights go up against a high flying Vikings.

So don't miss the action tomorrow.

Come on down to Apia Park and cheer on your Super 9 team.

The Super 9 Rugby Festival continues on this week at Apia Park with the Taula Beverages Half Time Taxi Kick to Win promo for the kids to win a box of taxi soft drink.

For adults, Taula will be selling draught Taula at $4 tala a cup. Buy a Taula draught or wear a Taula t-shirt, your name will go into a draw to enter the Taula Half Time Kick to Win promo and win $500 tala.

Food stalls will be open before and during the matches. Apia Park gates open at 12.00pm, entry fee is $2.00 for adults and $2.00 for children. The centre stand will be $5.00.

The Golden Oldies will also have a game in between the two finals. The Samoa Golden Oldies vs the Parliamentary Team.

So come on down with your family and friends and enjoy a festival of fun, food and drink while you're entertained by the Super 9 - Finals.

Mase Mahonri Schwalger helping out the Chiefs of Aana ahead of the super 9 final.
Mase Mahonri Schwalger helping out the Chiefs of Aana ahead of the super 9 final.
Eels Forwards During line out trainings.
Eels Forwards During line out trainings.


Finals Match Schedule.





Kick-off: 02.00pm




Kick-off: 04.00pm

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