Parker needs new trainer

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Dear Editor

Re: Joseph Parker   

I think Joe Parker will easily beat Fury but will be a challenge for him to go against a formidable opponent like Anthony Joshua, he’s very strong built and a powerful right. 

It’s my opinion that Joe’s trainer Kevin Barry has to step up his training of Joe to meet the high caliper fighter like Joshua.

 I personally believe that Parker, a world-class fighter needs and must have a world-class trainer, not Barry. 

Joe must focus more, he must be intense and take away the ‘tourist’ mentally, but get in the ring where ever he travels and train, train and train some more. 

Parker has HUGE potential but his training camp doesn’t push him hard enough to fight the world’s best. 

That first fight with Andy Ruiz was a disappointment even though he won with points, but he looked tired and was about running out of gas. 

He can’t fight Joshua with the same way he fought Ruiz.


Posu Tue

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