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Dear Editor


Dear Genie, maybe you didn’t know that I’m a woman too. 

Yes, I agreed with you that we were all entitled to our own opinion but one thing you forgot was that I was talking about that one woman as you mentioned to be your own selected Prime Minister. 

I said before, I am not underestimating the women’s leadership, and to be honest I have nothing against women as I said before. 

Please Genie I knew for sure your candidate for Prime Minister cannot be supported by the Cabinet except by her own colleagues. 

Maybe some other women out there, but not her.

I am giving out my own opinion too based of what I know about her, and decided to write back to you concerning your nomination. 

Genie I’m afraid that you don’t really know her. There were things that I know you don’t know and that’s why I’m not supporting her to be our next Prime Minister. 


Tuualalo Jenny Saupolu

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