Seven years and still no water supply

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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Asosa Tanuvasa’s home in Salua i Manono Uta.

Asosa Tanuvasa’s home in Salua i Manono Uta. (Photo: Ulimasao Fata)

Meet Asosa Tanuvasa. The 31-year-old mother of three has lived in Salua I Manono-uta for seven years.

She shared with the Village Voice team that in the past seven years, her family has never experienced the joy of having proper water connection.

“We were the first family to settle around here and that was seven years ago,” Mrs. Tanuvasa said. “From that time, until today, we are still living life without running water and that has been the major problem.

“You just feel like not wanting to live here when there is no water because it is really hard to cope with life without proper water supply.”

Mrs. Tanuvasa says they have registered twice for the water tank from the Red Cross, but no luck so far.

“I am unhappy given that we were the first family to settle here and we don’t have a water tank, but a families who just moved here two months ago already received water tank.

“That family do not have young children like me, but yet they still received a water tank.”

Asosa Tanuvasa with her youngest child.
Asosa Tanuvasa with her youngest child.

Mrs. Tanuvasa says her family also encounters financial struggles. “My husband works but he’s  yet to receive any form of payment since work started.” The mother told the Village Voice they have no money what-so-ever. 

“We don’t have money right now, we only get $5 or $10 that my husband receives from the work he does. 

“We are in dire need of financial assistance because school is starting again and my children need school supplies.”

Mrs. Tanuvasa adds the only thing they depend on is their plantation.

“It is really hard because I don’t work and kids’ school will start soon and we still don’t have enough money.

“Thankfully we have our plantation to support us when we don’t have money.”

For anyone willing to help Mrs. Tanuvasa, she can be contacted on 7276018. 

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