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HAVING A GREAT TIME: The eight residents of Mapuifagalele who were treated for lunch at Sails Restaurant yesterday.

HAVING A GREAT TIME: The eight residents of Mapuifagalele who were treated for lunch at Sails Restaurant yesterday.

There were smiles all round for eight residents of Mapuifagalele yesterday.

At Sails Restaurant, they enjoyed a special outing, courtesy of the restaurant’s owners, Seiuli Ian and Lyvia Black.

Lyvia Black said the idea to bring in the old people from Mapuifagalele Home for lunch was something she had always wanted to do.

The proposal was then made to Sister Josephina back in 2008. 

But because Josephine went away for sometime, the idea was put on hold. 

Lyvia said she received a phone call from Sister Josephina on Tuesday this week and asked her if she was still interested.

“I was happy when she [Josephina] called,” said Lyvia. “I’ve always wanted to bring them here and let them experience what it feels like to eat in a nice restaurant. I also think it’s a good break for them apart from their daily routines.”

Mrs. Black said it was “priceless” and “wonderful” seeing the smiles on the faces of the elderlies.

“It was absolutely wonderful and I am so happy and thrilled to see that they were enjoying their time here. I am very honoured and blessed to have them here today.”

According to Lyvia, the idea to invite the residences over for lunch was her way of paying tribute to her grandfather who also spent some time at Mapuifagalele. 

“He didn’t like it there, but we know the people there took good care of him,” she said. “And to me, this is very special and I am happy to be able to give something back for our old people there at Mapuifagalele.”

Sister Josephina spoke on behalf of the Mapuifagalele home for the elderly to thank Lyvia Black and the management of Sails Restaurant.

“We are so grateful to Lyvia for this very special treat,” said Sister Josephina. “We’ve been looking forward to come here and enjoy even if it’s just for a while.

 “Six out of eight residences that are here today are on wheel-chairs and we couldn’t bring in all of them because they cannot fit in the car and it’s really hard for us to take them around.”

She also said that it was the first time a restaurant has offered to treat the residents out for lunch and for that she was very grateful to Lyvia and her team for the great offer. 

Leilua Aukusitino said this is something he will always remember. 

“Who would have thought I would eat at a place like this,” he said. 

He was amazed by the location of the restaurant and the service provided by the staff of Sails. 

“I was already full just by looking at the smiling faces of the boys and girls who were serving us with food and drinks,” he said. “And the nice breeze over here is just amazing.”

He said that he didn’t know the name of the meal he had, but it was “very tasty and delicious” said Aukusitino. 

“My favourite was the oka,” he said. “They have the best oka sole... I’ve never tasted something as good as that in my entire life.”

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