When Samoans hate other Samoans

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Dear Editor,

Re: Idiots slammed for shaming Samoa

Magnifying this issue through publication has definitely put the spotlight on “the generalized mentality of the people” not a true depiction of “the majority of people” overall. 

Just because it happened doesn’t mean it should be reported in a judgmental or condemning way, or does it? A mention that the people of Samoa are not happy with a few people’s actions would’ve suffice, not writing in a way that only conjures up hate and anger. 

One comment I concurred with is the question as to when did we get Samoans to hate Samoans? Answer: Forever. 

Samoans have carried this ‘hate’ even when residing abroad. Chinese help Chinese move ahead and achieve, for instance. Can you honestly say that Samoans help Samoans get ahead in the corporate world, in western and developed countries? Can we get Samoans to be more positive and supportive of Samoa’s own achievements, people, exports, brains?

 I believe we can set such a culture amongst our people. 

Can we really stop this type of negative behaviour in our culture? Yes. Through mediums such as Samoa Observer or any newspaper, social media outlet, etc. To journalists, you have the power to instill positive patriotic emotions amongst the people. You did not do that in this article. 

You have done well in other articles of course, don’t get me wrong.  

We like the Samoa Observer. However, with this type of issue, if written a different way, would’ve encouraged more forgiving responses, not hate. 

Who wouldn’t get angry after reading your article? Would it sell your paper? Yes it would. Did you really help put Samoa on the map for the right reasons? 

Or did you ruin Parker’s efforts in making Samoa popular as a hosting destination for all other sports to come? 

With a display of “uneducated behaviours” that riddled the night, would it be sound to recommend Samoa at all if its people cannot be controlled, or educated to behave better in front of a camera? 

That’s a question posed to both Samoa Observer and the people alike. Now we have people segregating Samoans - not Samoan? overseas Samoans? Is there such a thing? 

A Samoan is a Samoan, until you make it different. If others fail, bring them up and ‘gently set them straight’ and be more tactful and diplomatic about it, NOT step on them. 

My brother is wise in saying “when you’ve got nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”. He lives in Samoa, and contributes well for the betterment of the country and its economy. 

I live overseas and still contribute to the betterment of Samoa’s economy. People, this is not a small issue, what these unfortunate individuals did on the night. 

For the rest of the concerned population, acknowledge it is a problem. Then remember , we all make mistakes. For those who embarrassed themselves on the night, apologize as you do not want an alcohol-fed behaviour to be labelled as a learned lesson from your elders or family. 

Then all move on. I know of a page that made a conscious decision to remove this article from their page, and rightly so. I would highly recommend the removal of this link from any other facebook pages, if only to preserve the precious name of Samoa. 

Lets protect Samoa, its people, and all that makes Samoa special, unique and Christian. Lets not bring attention to a few hiccups from erred individuals, because it does not define who we really are, right? 

We do not want to be embarrassed to be a Samoan. That goes for all those that acted badly on the night and every other public event - refrain from such poor behaviour - or whomever commented badly. Only you can judge that.


Trisha B.

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