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Dear Editor,

I found the call from Tofilau of Iva for villages to feed their teachers made in your newspaper very interesting.

Teachers are always viewed as ‘guests’ especially i nu’u i tua so naturally our people will go all out to accommodate teachers. 

What we should be asking ourselves is whether this modern profession is properly supplied with incentives for teachers to be able to perform their duties properly. 

If teachers are required to travel to a different school or district for educational purposes, then they should be getting allowances, food money petrol money accommodation allowances etc. 

We should not expect to double the salaries of teachers with incentives but they should be getting something so that they don’t feel disadvantaged by their work commitments. 

If they are getting good incentives already for the work they do outside of their allocated schools then that’s great news, but we have to communicate this great news to the public so that people don’t feel guilty of not supplying enough love to their guests (teachers) when teachers visit their school or district. 

We will always be putting out the welcoming mat for our teachers when they come visiting but (yes there’s a but) we should not commit ourselves to feeding teachers and be responsible for their well being because that is added pressure to families as well. 

It is always the government’s duty to look after our teachers and the goodwill of the people should not be factored into that equation.




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