Lamenting my Birthplace

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Diana Betham-Scanlan

Lamenting my birthplace

As a child

Travelling to a distant land

One foreign 

And unknown to me


Voyages across the seas

Journeys upon oceans

Discovering another land

Another place

Not my own


New people

New ways

New cultures

New learning

A new world


A new family

Bearing children

This foreign land

Now the birthplace of my offspring


Where now does it lie?

My homeland abandoned

Will I ever return?

To that land that gave life to me?


To the air I once breathed

To the water that cooled by newborn skin

To the soils which connected me

With those past and present


Wrinkled skin

Frail and aged

Days counted


Will I ever return?

Will my children ever know them?

That which once belonged to me

My land, my people

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