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Lauiliu Mataeliga

Life is important because we only live it once, 

Every single breath must be counted to where it lasts.

Every moment in each minute is a gift to us,

Somehow we are blinded to see it while it passed.

Memories are essential to be kept forever,

It is the real gold that must be treasured.


As the sun sets and rises on the next day,

It leaves hope to begin tomorrow from its rays.

Live life to the fullest as they say,

And count the blessings along the way.

For you may not know what tomorrow brings,

Awaken to realize opportunities are gone with the wind.

You must value your companion’s time and their pleasures,

It is the real gold that must be treasured.


We hate dull moments and never want to be reminded of,

But we forget to pick up the message that may help us to go on.

Mistakes are repeatedly made with or without purpose,

When we are tired of it we may end up with the wrong decision.

You must remember that wrongdoings are in our nature,

But don’t forget that life is the real gold that must be treasured.

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