Police tell of increasing thefts at workplace

By Lanuola Tupufia – Ah Tong ,

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Theft continues to be a major problem, hitting many companies hard.

The items taken range from alcohol, food to building materials and much, much more. 

For instance, three staff members working for one of the international hotels in Apia are under investigation in relation to stealing and drinking bottles of wine from the resort. 

During the Police Press conference yesterday, Spokesperson, Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu said a complaint of theft as a servant against the Taumeasina Resort workers was filed last Friday. 

 Su’a said no one has been charged yet but the Police are investigating.

On a separate matter, three workers at the Asian Taste Limited in Faleata are also being investigated for theft.

The Police Spokesperson said the materials have a value of $3,328. 

“The Manager of the company reported the matter last week Saturday when he found out the recorded stock and sales money did not match,” said Su’a. 

“It is suspected the three workers are involved in the alleged theft as a servant. They are under investigation.”

In Vailoa Faleata, Zing Construction company also reported the theft of 60 different size timbers. 

Su’a explained the timber was transported from Vailoa to the company’s headquarter at Vailima on the 17th October. 

However, two days later the timber disappeared.

No one is charged pending police investigation.

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