Why Jerusalem is important

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Dear Editor,

Re: Samoa Pilgrims head to Israel 

News...North, East, West, and South Jerusalem was and is still the center of commerce of the world. 

The four corridor that opens its trading to all four corners of the world. That's why, who ever controls Jerusalem controls the world. 

The word "central" is significant here, Central banking, central intelligence etc. The "middle east" The bulls eye, target, midpoint etc, the power is concentrated in the middle, the Prime Meridian. 

That's why Israel is small but powerful. 

That's why religions of the world are fighting to be head quartered in Jerusalem; Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc. Why? 

It's all about money and power. 

Religion is a geo political construct. Spirituality and being religious are totally two different things.


Leituala Roger B. 

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