Cyclone Amos could’ve been fatal

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Dear Editor,

Re: The mystery of Amos the cyclone 

Good job Seti Afoa. By the way thank you, for keeping the country company on such a long and unforgettable night. 

Amos was strange, but with all the technology available I could not excuse the actions of MET, and our NWS in Am. Samoa for their inaccurate predictions. Plans are made based on those predictions to make sure I (most people) can safely secure family and property. 

Amos arrived a day earlier than predicted. 

Had it been the storm that it was categorized to be (Cat 4), it would have left many unprepared. We all made plans, but time was the ignition to begin mobilization. 

That time depended heavily on the forecast, which unfortunately was less than accurate. It could have been fatal. Cheers mate. 

Jens R.

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