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Dear Editor,

Re: Rev. Opapo

I fully support the decision of Elders; and they have the right to suspend or expel him from his calling. 

Remember the time he sworn as a ministry of the E.F.K.S., there was a promise he made to serve God honesty and will never deny it with his entire life. 

Why the groups of Elders are wasting their time to make a negotiation whether Opapo should retain or reprocess his position he had before? 

It’s very simple; cast him out of the list right away and have someone is ready to take the oath and let the work of the Lord to be continued without delay.

Nowadays, people are not afraid to bear liars, even if they have promised before God to serve him with all their hearts and souls, but when they see something can make them rich and earthly profound high dignity, they don’t care to maintain and stick on that promise but they lend and support something to enhance their reputation of high quality people.

That is happening to him now. Fafo ma le maafala, na e toatele isi tagata lelei e ave i ai le tofi.

A. Mauai

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