Another building?

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Dear Editor,

Re: Government and China negotiate 

Most of America's debt is to China, in which they should just walk in and own America and call it their land. 

When Samoa is unable to pay the investors from overseas, they will do the same. Samoa will be owned and occupied by its investors. 

269 Walmart stores globally are being closed; of that number 150 of them are in America. They are shutting down because Obama's administration wants to increase the minimum wage to $15. 

Kmart stores are closing. People are losing their jobs. 

How can this administration tell everyone to drastically increase the minimum wage when they don't have the money to do so? 

Their demand to increase the minimum wage has caused store closures, lost jobs and wages. 

Over 15,000 people will be out of jobs after these Walmart stores close, in which many are already closing their doors this coming Thursday 1/28. 

That does not include the Kmart employees around the country. 

Samoa, it really is not a problem to have your government building in different locations. If your buildings are paid off, then why make another bill in these uncertain times. 

You propose that new jobs will be created, but for how long will those jobs last?

How far into the future will your payroll last before the people lose their jobs, and then you will be stuck with an empty building that you'll have to pay for, and with what money? 

Hopefully your need supersedes the want. Your government will be in our prayers and hopefully they reconsider. 

Love your people and rethink and reconsider this process. 

Question is, do you really, really, really need it? 

Think about it. Pray about it. God bless and be with you Samoa.


Kalona S.

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