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Dear Editor,

Re: We repeat: This country needs an Anti Corruption Tribunal 

A few months ago, Laura Strawbridge, the wife of Manu Samoa’s Technical Advisor, testified to the world that Samoa’s state-of-the-art hospital and I.C.U are in need of life saving equipment.

But look at what Samoa’s leaders are doing with Samoa’s money. 

Almost $3 million tala was wasted through negligence, recklessness and corruption. 

A company director overseas would surely go to jail with this amount of mismanagement and misappropriation of funds but it doesn’t seem to happen in Samoa’s government. 

Where is the honesty and responsibility of Samoa’s leaders? 

If our leaders have the capacity and the ability to improve the chances of a dying person to stay alive in Moto’otua hospital but they chose to lose $3 million dollars in suspect business dealings, should they be responsible for the unnecessary loss of lives through negligence with the country’s money and short sightedness and flagrant disregard of justice? 

Oh and guess what, more than $68.000 was raised by the Strawbridge appeal for Moto’otua I.C.U and is now being used to save a lot of lives, this is what selfless and responsible people do.


Le Mafa

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