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Re: Chief Justice expresses concern

Samoa’s accredited Mediators have legal accountancy and other careers. Mediation in the L.T.C. is fairly new and also important to alleviating work of the Court. 

Everyone is given the opportunity to object. 

F.Y.I. on this morning my case was number 1 on the list...however other matters were called and I sought the assistance of my colleague to explain why I had to leave after 16 cases had been called before mine on the list. 

I went back at 2pm and apologised and explained the reason for my departure earlier. His Honour graciously accepted my explanation and we set a date of hearing for the criminal matter. What a pity the reporter never sought to ask me the reason as I would have been happy to explain. Manuia le aso!!


Maiava Visekota Peteru

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