Prisoner wanted again

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OUT AGAIN: Lauitiiti Tualima escaped from prison on Sunday evening.

OUT AGAIN: Lauitiiti Tualima escaped from prison on Sunday evening.

Warning. Prolific prison escapee, Lauitiiti Tualima, has run away from Tafaigata prison one more time and members of the public have been warned to be alert.

Tualima is a convicted rapist and thief among other criminal convictions. 

The Spokesperson for the Prisons and Corrections Services Authority (P.C.S.A), Sagaga Galu Frost, confirmed Tualima’s status yesterday, two days after he had ran away.

Asked why it has taken two days for the Authority to inform members of the public, he said: “Well we were told on Sunday that he (Tualima) was still in the prison premises and he hadn’t escaped.

“However, it wasn’t until yesterday that I was informed that Tualima still hadn’t returned and so we contacted TV1 and put out the notice.”

Tualima was reportedly locked in a cell referred to as the pasima. Asked how he escaped from there, Sagaga blamed the guards.

 “My only explanation is that the guards who were on duty were very careless,” said Sagaga.

“What I was told was that Tualima called out for help and so the guards went to his room and opened the door to see what is going on. That’s when Tualima managed to push them away and ran.

“So he faked his screaming for help but that was his way of escaping.”

Sagaga admitted that what happened does not reflect well on the Authority.

 “We are conducting an investigation on those who were on duty,” he said.

“I would like to urge the public to please contact us if you see Lauitiiti but do not approach him as he is a dangerous person.”

Last month, Tualima was given another 10 years on top of his sentence for reoffending while on the run for almost three months.

He was charged with possession of marijuana, breaking and entering, burglary, theft, being armed with a dangerous weapon, intentional damage, assault and robbery.

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