The difference in treatment

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Dear Editor,

Re: Angry resident slams E.P.C.

Here is one of many reasons why foreign-owned business are thriving while a Samoan owned business is lacking progress.

I can guarantee that people running the Power and Water in Samoa would respond to a foreign-owned business before a Samoan-owned. 

There is the attitude or behavior of public workers that foreigners will complain to the Government if they don’t get the service on the same day. 

Our business people are performing on a faith-based business. Which means they believe that these workers are too busy and therefore, allow them to take advantage of that faith and belief.

Our people are not as aggressive as Foreigners to file a complaint. We believe in “Waiting our Turns” mentality. 

This mentality allows public workers to treat Samoan-owned businesses as second grade businesses while giving foreign-owned businesses top priority.

Villages that are banning foreign-owned businesses need to look at this conflict as reasons why Samoan-owned businesses are unable to compete. I hope these villages can lift the ban and, help raise the concerns to the government.

T. Leone

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