Where is the fairness?

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Dear Editor,


Why is there an election if you are allowed to sue your opponent up to the eve of the election?

Why is an “Independent” candidate allowed to run under the H.R.P.P flag?

If a candidate wants to be a member of Parliament or serve the country as an Independent, He/She should run/tout his/her merits and qualifications.

According to this court ruling, the three candidates are guaranteed due to a non challenger. The so-called monotaga that is the basis of the complaint that awarded these three with the so-called win is a sham.

Based on witnesses and plaintiff, the opposing candidates did not fulfil their monotaga obligations to the villages?

 What exactly is that? Who documents these acts of monotaga and what constitutes a monotaga? Is there a village administrator that records every act of kindness or services that qualify under this term?

If I am Tuula and I want to help families within my village that need assistance, do I stand on top of the mountain and shout to the world? Do I call or notify someone within the village of my good deeds? Is there a roll call or sign in sheet during village meetings? 

What happens when the village only meets when you travel overseas cause the P.M arranged it that way? Is there a number of annual village meetings you must attend to satisfy this requirement?

I may be ignorant or misinterpreting the law here but if you read all these court cases/trials, He/She did not attend many village meetings, or he/she did not make enough contributions to the village. 

However, nobody asks what is enough? Because what is enough in one’s view may not be enough for others.

Where is the fairness? Even the best crooks in the world couldn’t come up with this idea. Praying for fairness and a new government for a Progressive Samoa.


T. Samatua 

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