Brothers get second chance

By Pai Mulitalo Ale ,

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Two men who attacked a group of Police officers called in to control a drinking session have been given a chance to change their ways.

Brothers Ene, 21, and Semi Pa’apa’a, 23, of Toamua, were both given non-custodial sentences after they were convicted by Justice Elizabeth Aitken yesterday.

Ene was convicted of two counts of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm against two police officers, being armed with a dangerous weapon. 

He was jointly charged and convicted with his brother for uttering insulting words.

The incident occurred in May 2015 while the defendants were celebrating the result of a Fautasi race. 

When the Police were called, an intoxicated Ene apparently threw a machete at the Police.

Justice Aitken said Ene’s behavior was unacceptable, as it could have seriously injured someone. 

The Court heard that Semi became involved when the Police turned on his brother.

After they were arrested and charged, the men were ordered to attend rehabilitation programmes conducted by the Probation Office.

Yesterday, Semi was sentenced to six months supervision and told to attend the drug and alcohol programme run by the Probation Office. 

As for Ene, he was convicted and given a severe warning. Justice Aitken said his first offender status had helped him but he should take the opportunity with two hands as it would not come around again.

 “I am giving you this one chance to avoid imprisonment,” she said. 

Ene was sentenced to 12 months supervision and ordered to attend the drug and alcohol programme run by the Probation Office. He was also ordered to provide 100 hours of community service and to stay away from alcohol for 12 months.

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