“Idiots” slammed for shaming Samoa

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WHO ARE THEY? AND WHERE ARE THEY FROM? The photos tell a story.

WHO ARE THEY? AND WHERE ARE THEY FROM? The photos tell a story. (Photo: James Semisi Facebook.)

A couple of guys described as “dumbasses” have earned the wrath of Samoans in Samoa and all over the world for giving the television cameras the bird on Saturday night during Rumble in Paradise.

The fight was televised live by Sky TV in New Zealand, Australia and other countries. 

But the duo’s decision to flip the bird during one of the bouts when the camera zoomed in on their group has led to widespread condemnation from the Samoan community in Samoa and overseas on social media.

Describing them as “idiots”, one Samoan posted on Facebook: “Here were the fights being televised around the world showcasing our local talent. An event our tiny island nation rarely gets the opportunity to host.” 

“And these two retards decide it’s a good idea to flip the bird. I wonder if your parents are alive. Wonder what they’d say about you retards.” 

“If any of you are in Samoa and see these two *** around someone slap the taste out of their mouths. I know someone I know on here will know who they are.”

It was not possible to determine who the two men are. 

But we can tell you that they sat in the corporate area where alcohol was flowing that night.

“(The) faces themselves represent parents and families,” another angry Samoan wrote. “Nice faces with small minds.”

Another Facebook user said: “I think they all thought it was a cellphone clip. Maybe they’re not used to the camera.”

The men’s behavior has become a big talking point in the aftermath of the fight. 

Another issue involves a local boxing referee who swore in Samoan at one of the boxers during the bout. The incident was also caught on camera during the telecast.

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