Trikke Tours: The new way to get around Apia

By Zaskiya Lesa ,

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FUNKY AND NEW: Mark Hunt on an Auckland Trikke Tour. You can now enjoy the same experience in Samoa.

FUNKY AND NEW: Mark Hunt on an Auckland Trikke Tour. You can now enjoy the same experience in Samoa.

Trikke Tours is the new form of transportation that’s beginning to make waves in Samoa. 

From the shores of Auckland City to the tropical town of Apia, Trikke Tours are giving riders the ultimate experience of fun and sightseeing in an extreme way.

Trikkes are standard stand-up electric bikes that run on lithium ion batteries, which are the same type of batteries found in laptops and mobile devices! They are imported from California and are fairly easy to learn how to use. 

Trikkes consist of two separate platforms for each foot as you stand and balance. The handles have two brakes (that are similar to that of a bike), the accelerator on the right handle and consists of 3 tyres.

Push forward then thrust the throttle and you’re set to go! Owner Shawn Lindenmuth, says this is still a developing business for him, which he started first in Auckland with Trikke Tours along Mission Bay.

Now he has returned home to Samoa where he’s brought this exciting and innovative way of travelling through Apia, starting from the Mulinu’u Courthouse to Palolo Deep Beach and back along the seawall.

There are a total of 6 bikes, but only 4 are used for the tours. Tours start at 5:30 PM Mon-Fri, 3 PM on Saturday and 12 PM on Sundays avoiding Apia’s peak hour traffic.

Prices are $60 per person and $200 for a group of four people.

Footage of your tour is filmed on a GoPro so bring your own USB Flashdrive and it’s yours free of charge.

You must be 12 years of age and older to take part in the Trikke Tours. There is also a mobile service for tourists within Apia to be picked up and dropped off if transportation is an issue. Stand-up inflatable paddle boards are also available for rent. For more information contact Shawn Lindenmuth on 751-5911.

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