Why are we so poor?

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Dear Editor,

Re: Developments for people 

Politicians are there for an agenda dictated from off shores. An example is the Land Act 2008 and other legislations that are being pushed through left, right  and centre, rather than policies to sustain Samoa in its abundance of resources for itself. 

Let’s ask why are we so poor in our own country and on our own land? The answer is the mismanagement of our resources by the people whom we have entrusted with the task of doing that for us.

Parliament was set up to administer and become a trustee of our resources. Have they done that? 

No they have fallen short of their commitment to their people because they are puppets for some overseas power.

Will the T.P.P (Trans Pacific Partnership) have an impact on Samoa soon? 

I guess Faleauto is right, developments for social benefits of Samoa.




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