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Re: Olo calls out P.M. Tuilaepa 

Agree with you Olo, even the Prime Minister has many loaves of bread titles. 

If he earned them titles he should know what a matai is, and what his responsibilities are, to counsel, advice and keep the peace. 

Instead, he got on his high horse and rely on the Police to be the embodiment of his heart and do the dirty work his heart desired.

Not much better from the Luatuanu’u village itself, the police and the village are creating evidences for their own case, and what does the public gets, just a warning to watch out for danger at the Luatuanu’u like that will do the public any good. 

But the source of this continuous contention is the man you are addressing Olo, the P.M.


Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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