‘Let God be the Judge’

By Sarafina Sanerivi ,

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Misa Nanai and Misa Anae.

Misa Nanai and Misa Anae. (Photo: File)

A paramount chief of Falelatai, Misa Anae Pita, banned last week over the ongoing stigmata saga – and other issues – has declined to respond to claims made the Mayor of Matautu, Misa Nanai Mulifusi Taulia.

When the Samoa Observer approached Misa Anae for a comment, his daughter said her father did not wish to talk to the media.

 “We are not accepting anyone to come and ask him questions with regards to what happened to him,” she said.

“We will leave it to God to be the judge. I’m sorry but my father cannot talk to the media about this anymore.”

Misa Anea was among five paramount chiefs of Matautu Falelatai were banned from the village.

The decision made against Misa Anae and other paramount chiefs is the result of the falling out over the differences between Reverend Opapo Soanai and the Chairman of the E.F.K.S church, Reverend Elder Ta’utiaga Senara. 

When Misa Anae was contacted for a comment on Monday, he confirmed the decision. However he said he wasn’t aware of why he had been banished.

But the Mayor of Matautu, Misa Nanai Mulifusi Taulia, spoke up to clear the air as to why they made the decision against Misa Anae. 

This was published on Wednesday’s edition of the Samoa Observer Newspaper, a story titled “Mayor sets the record straight.”

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