If you bless Israel, you will be blessed in return

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Dear Editor,

Re: Israel still paying for crucifying Jesus Christ, P.M. says

Israel is the chosen nation of God. 

Their covenant is forever. Samoan people know that from the beginning, and they love Israel with all their hearts. 

Mr. P.M. please don’t try to prove your point of taxing pastors from their income, and you say that Israel is still paying about their decision to crucify Jesus. 

That is way off from the point that servants of God is declaring that you should never even think about asking, to tax their love offering. 

It’s a give from the free will of God’s people for the servants of God. Before they make that give from their own family income in different ways of their earning, they have already had their taxes cut. 

Non-profit organizations as churches should not consider paying any taxes to the government in any country. Every nation should be aware about that but surprisingly you are the first Nation leader who has asked for it. 

We must read the Bible and follow the instructions of God. 

Anyone, someone or any nation that loves Israel, God will bless them. If you want Samoa to be blessed then support and love Israel. 

Simple as that. Don’t tax servants of God please, that is the only portion they depend on. It is not a pay from preaching the will of God. The word of God is free for whoever desires to have life.

What if you must pay for God’s air you breath every moment of your life? Can you afford it?


Ben Sau

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