Prisoner threatens family

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NOT SATISFIED: Sauaumaga Seiuli Mauga.

NOT SATISFIED: Sauaumaga Seiuli Mauga.

Sauaumaga Seiuli Mauga, of Vaiusu, has turned to the media to show his disappointment about two police officers serving at the Faleata outpost for the poor service he received with regards to an incident two weekends ago.

The incident involved a prisoner who was released on the weekend parole.

 “Every time this prisoner comes out of prison during the weekend, something always happens,” said Sauaumaga. “He would either break into people’s houses and steal their goods or he would get drunk and start trouble with families of the village.

“Last week Saturday, two of my nieces went to the shop and this prisoner approached them and then threatened them.

“My nieces came home and told us so my cousins went to approach him and asked him what happened.

“He turned around and threatened us telling us that he was going to burn down our house.”

But that wasn’t all. Sauaumaga said he threw rocks at their house.

“We called the police and they came that night but the prisoner had left. 

The two police officers told us to come in on the next day to make our statements but they would go to the prisoner’s family to get him.”

The next day, Sauaumaga’s cousins went to the police office at Faleata and made a statement. 

But they found that the Police had not caught the prisoner.

“I wasn’t really happy with what I heard because the police officers should have come back to us and told us that they did not catch him,” he said.

“What if he had come on that night and did something to us while we were sleeping?

“The police are supposed to be making sure that the people are safe especially when it comes to these kinds of situations and yet they didn’t seem to be bothered with the fact that they didn’t catch him.

“I am very disappointed especially because this is not the first time something like this has happened.”

When the Faleata Police outpost was contacted for a comment, the officer who dealt with the case, who is not authorized to speak to the media, rejected the claim. 

“Up until now they have not come in to make a statement,” he said. “Yes we went to the family on the night of the incident and we told them that they have to come in to our office but they didn’t.

“We went to look for the prisoner at his house on that same night but he wasn’t there, he ran away and so we told his parents about  the situation so the family understood.

“But we couldn’t find him and so we were waiting for them to come in on Sunday to make a statement but they never showed up.”

Media Officer at the Prisons and Corrections Authority, Sagaga Galu Frost, said the prisoner is behind bars.  “The incident was confirmed by the Police and so we have given him a ten day penalty inside the penalty room and he is not allowed to spend the weekends with his family anymore,” said Sagaga.

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