Why do we continue to vote them in?

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Dear Editor,

Re: Developments for people 

The most frustrating part is we know what’s going on and why the problem exists that fester Samoa society, but people know and agree on the reason and yet keep voting against their own interest.

Why does Samoa continue to vote for these same people into office? 

I’m clueless. 

This is a government that continues to thumb their nose at the people of Samoa, slander the poor, demean women, and gloat their accomplishments that ultimately benefit themselves!

A government that keep their dirty dealings in the dark, who’s reckless policies threaten the Samoan traditional Aiga land, who define transparency as working behind closed doors, in the dark with a policy of , “none of your business.”

Those in office have forgotten the main reason they’re in office and who they work for and the policies they make are suppose to benefit those they serve and not themselves.


Stella M

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