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Re: Police slammed 

This is a great read and a great report from the Ombudsman, it’s now up to the law makers of Samoa to do their job properly and action the recommendations.

I would’ve liked also to recommend the police commissioner be sacked and charged with criminal negligence. 

Mr. Suitupe should be awarded compensation for the horrific violation of his human rights. All senior officers including the new police commissioner should have cultural awareness as part of their training and assigned various roles as liaisons in village councils around Samoa where they are required to attend regular village council meetings and have active roles therein.

It’s clear in this report, the current P.C. has watched too many Dirty Harry movies, he must have been tickled pink when he got the job. He obviously didn’t get the job on merit, as is clear in the report ‘he lacked the basic knowledge of the arrest/detain procedure in Samoa’ how laughable!

Suitupe I hope you win your court case for compensation, all the best for you and your family. 

Jetz M

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