The 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s Apparition in Portugal 1917-2017

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Tu’uu  Mata’afA Tiufea Asuao Mulipola Peato Mikaele

Tu’uu Mata’afA Tiufea Asuao Mulipola Peato Mikaele


Writer’s Wrap Up

This is the 7th and the final part of this run on the Fatima Story since 14th May 2017. I hope our readers may pick up something good out of it during the 7 weeks of non-stop reading; per se achieving the purposes for publishing this 100-year old story. 

This writer for years has been writing stories and defending Mother Mary not only in this newspaper but at other communication outlets and will continue to do so in this woman’s honor. The ‘woman’ whose Immaculate Heart was pierced, troubled, full of anguish, sunk in the bitterness of desolation and afflicted with 7 Sorrows that no other ordinary woman in this whole world had ever experienced. 

The 7 Sorrows she endured from 7 swords inflicted from the prophesy of aged Simeon at the presentation of her Son Jesus to the Temple, the flight into Egypt to save her Son Jesus from Herod, the loss of her Son Jesus in the Jerusalem Temple, meeting her lacerated Son Jesus tormented at will on his way to Calvary carrying the heavy cross of our mounting sins on his sacred shoulders, seeing her Son Jesus in death agony, receiving her lifeless Son Jesus from the Cross, and lastly seeing her Son Jesus’ burial. That Son of the woman - is our Redeemer, Lord and Savior. 

The woman that put her everything into saving her Son from Herod and teaching her Son at his youth so that when time was right executed wholeheartedly the Divine Plan of God His father  by dying and hanging on the Cross for Salvation. That same Heart which pondered about every single word of Gabriel the Archangel and every single word her Son Jesus told her at the temple after finding Him amongst the Jews according to Scriptures. Sadly, that same Heart of Mary bears the additional load of non-stop insults, blows, mockery inflicted not from aliens but from her own children; the non-believers. And considering those facts, I have finally decided to end this Story in its 7th Part in Honor of Our Mother’s 7 Sorrows.

But to sum up on the story for the sake of our readers; The Fatima Story as I have earlier revealed is a Story of Faith; it is not a doctrine of the Catholic Church and was subject to the Church’s approval after an official in-depth interrogation by a permanent body of the Church selected by the Pope in Rome. Their investigations into any alleged supernatural phenomenon such as this one, would last for centuries if not for decades. But for this particular Apparition, we are so fortunate that the Church has already done its part in October 1930 some 13 years after, whereby the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima announced the results of the official canonical inquiry in a pastoral letter declaring it to be Worthy of Belief. 

Publishing this story with some attached personal insights was based on four grounds; firstly, it is an Honor to our Mother for her 100-year old show of her motherly love to the world. Secondly, it is an initiative required of any Catholic to speak publicly in a public newspaper that non-believers also have access to; as to why we honor Mary the Mother of GOD. Thirdly; it is a form of evangelization and fourthly; it is a means of renewal for the faithful readers to re-live faith and restore prayer life especially the Rosary.  In the United States; they have a group called ‘’St Paul Street Evangelization Team.’’ 

They preach the gospel at street corners and public parks telling people about the Catholic Faith [i.e] on issues like the  7 Sacraments, Mary, Purgatory, Crucifix, Rosary, Mass, Statues, Hell and the Bible. 

In line with Vatican II decrees, they assign the laity to help the priests, deacons and the religious to evangelize the world. This initiative by ’St Paul Street Evangelization Team’’ is needed in our time to defend the Church and its teaching given the dangers of secularization and modernism. Modernism is the idea that the supernatural and miracles are out of date and unbelievable. 

That ideology is spreading like wild fire and attracting many followers. They think it’s all about mercy after all and concluded that if religion was really only about peace and justice and social work, then why did one have to get up early morning at 5.00am and go to Mass and sing dreary hymns and listen to a long, badly prepared homily by an uncomfortably hang-over windbag? Well, people aren’t dumb anymore. It is no wonder many Catholics think nothing of approaching the Most Holy Eucharist dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops, and grabbing the host like they’re reaching into a bag of chips. Entering a Church with the Blessed Eucharist is like entering a night club or bingo house. No holy water finger-dipping and making the sign of the cross to remind baptism. No genuflection before the Holy Sacrament. No entry prayers. No nothing. It’s like waiting for a bus to go east or west.

Non-believers are constantly making a mockery of our Lady in newspapers and other media outlets everywhere in the world and why not? Because non-believers have all the right in the world as human beings to question the Catholic Faith because they do not understand; or as some of my favorite converts Scott Hahn, Tim Staples and Alex Jones to name a few in their testimonies; equally put ‘‘ were misinformed.’’ So our work as duly baptized Catholics; is to explain our faith outside the box. The words of the late Mother Angelica of USA; the founder of the Catholic’s most popular global Television Network EWTN reverberated in my Catholic ears when she said on TV one day and I quote; ‘’Use the media or any form of communication available to evangelize the world and teach the world of our Catholic Faith.’’ That is exactly what this writer is doing. 

Whilst everyone is busy doing personal daily chores on the eve of our Mother’s 100-year old apparition; I chose to stand up and write down something ‘’Catholic’’ and publish and share the same in a public newspaper accessible to non-believers in her Honor. And with what significance? 

The public does not understand why the Catholics always block roads in town and villages; making a hassle to the traveling public with long march in an annoying centipede pace with tall candles, smoking thuribles; singing; with the Statues of Mary standing atop on people shoulders. Indeed, this publication for the last 6 consecutive weeks greatly gives critics the idea of what is going on as some of my interested non-Catholic friends told me. Talks, Seminars from the Catholic perspective for the sole purpose of defending Mary and church teachings shouldn’t be kept within the vicinity and walls of our catholic churches anymore; why? All Catholics become acclimatized with Mary. They know her. They were born with her stories. Proactively we should think outside the box for an alternate antidote to the growing antagonism against Mother Mary and Church teachings; and how to tackle the problem. Because as we talk in seminars about Mother Mary in our catholic churches and corridors; non- believers outside are making a fun of her and the mocking continues. That is the 8th sword we plunged into the Heart of Our Mother.


28 years ago Communism 

destroyed; have we 

forgotten GOD after 

saving the world? 

The theme of a grace-filled homily by a parish priest on Corpus Christi Sunday prompted me to make this final write up. A very inspiring and well - structured homily. The theme and I quote; ‘When we are full, we totally forget about God. Translated ‘A tatou maoona, ua galo le  Atua’. 

The Fatima apparition is 100 years old but very little or nothing at all is believed to have been done globally as ‘’one people’’ to thank GOD for saving the world from communism at the international level. Other than the Church, I have never heard of any news that the world leaders governments come together at Fatima for a thanksgiving prayer or something for this special achievement; the fall of communism.  Hence my topic ‘’28 years ago, communism destroyed; have we forgotten GOD after saving the World?’’  Israelites haughty of hearts about GOD despite the numerous good deeds GOD had performed for them including the manna from heaven to eat when they were starved. 

The Israelites in return made no effort to thank GOD but instead they complained day after day and continued with their sinful idolatry ways. How frequent do we eat the earthly food for the sake of your body’s physical boost?  We eat every day.  How about our souls? Definitely the same. We need to feed our souls as frequent as we can to get our souls a spiritual boost. How? Come to Mass. Do not be like the Israelites of old. Catholics, some of them; after they receive the Body and Blood of Christ; say no thanksgiving prayer in return. Some think this is normal food that after receiving the Eucharist they just sit down, relax, look around without praying but Jesus is present in your person ‘ Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity’ at that very moment. It’s more surprising that some individuals even bother to attend Mass at all despite residing closer to the Church. 

As Catholics he advised; at least attend Mass once a week if the circumstances permit. The priest was absolutely right and I give credit for his inspiring homily. In comparison, the theme can be related to the apparition commemoration activities and the requests thereof by our Mother. It’s now 100 years after the Apparition at Fatima, only a handful of world leaders especially Catholics or Christians leaders remember GOD for such a tremendous saving work by bringing down communism to its knees after 72 years of prayers or 28 years ago. 

It was not because of the wisdom of Ronald Reagan, Margret Thatcher and Pope Paul II. NO! It was GOD who gave the three leaders that wisdom through the collective prayers of the Church. Jesus once taught us and he said. ‘’Without me, you can do nothing.’’ 

Mother Mary left heaven and came down to earth to forewarn us via the three children about the dangerous things about to happen.  She told us what to do to please GOD. And she also advised that in order to prevent that punishment by GOD from happening; she asked us to pray the Rosary every day for the conversion of sinners, consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, go to confession and receive the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist with contrite hearts. 

These requests are still in effect because the world is still sinning and there is need for each individual Catholic and Christian alike to continue with the requests. Pray. Pray. The prayers won’t stop because that is the only way GOD can understand us in our hearts; how appreciative we are for his mercy and how remorseful we are for our sins. It seems that when the world was saved it completely forget about GOD.

As individual members of the Body of Christ; the Church, do we share a significant commitment? We the laity should continue to pray the Rosary and go to Mass as often as we can. Some think it’s all over because that is 100 years ago. That reminds me of one of my Japanese friend’s popular saying that is ‘very small thinking.’ Last week Saturday 24th June, a report from CGTN TV stated that 62 people have lost their lives in the Portuguese worst forest fires in central Portugal, many of them trapped in their cars as flames swept over a road the biggest tragedy the country has experienced in years which has caused an irreparable loss of human life. 

The fire is contained thank GOD but I was thinking about FATIMA which is a several kilometers away from the fire and ask myself why it happened on the eve of the Fatima Apparition 100th Anniversary in Portugal. We cannot answer that question. Who knows? Only God knows. Let’s wait and see. 

To sign off, I would like you as individuals to think about the topic ‘’28 years ago communism destroyed; have we forgotten GOD after saving the World?’’ and the theme of the priest homily ‘’When we are full, we totally forget about God. A tatou maoona, ua galo le  Atua.’’ Answer it yourself. Our Lady of Fatima Mother Mary; pray for us sinners. 


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