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Re: NZ urged to change law


I disagree with the policy for the fact it is humiliating and disrespectful. 

New Zealand being the Nation to blame for many of our people’s deaths in War and in Peace. 

Just because Helen Clarke apologised for the murder of our Mau leader, does this make the past better? 

The mass deaths due to the influenza brought here by New Zealand. So many things we and other Pacific Nations are being taken for granted for. 

Our duty in war times, and assistance during peace times ignored at the border. An insult to many Samoans. The elections, how many of us by way of loyalty voted for Labour? 

Time to change and time to change our allegiances...Australia/New Zealand? Colonialists, and that’s a fact. 

We need to carefully look at China and Russia and look at how they climbed the ladder from oppression, lies and Death from the west? 

Change with the times!


Emile G.

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