It’s cheating pure and simple

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Dear Editor,

Re: Woman lifter beaten by transgender 

Well, from what I have read it is testosterone and only that is considered.

If you are in the low male testosterone range that = female according to the Olympic committee irrespective of that the level of 10 that they set is several times higher than that of any woman. 

You only need to have that level for 12 months prior to competition so can have spent years with higher levels before reducing it.

No other factors are looked at, not male height differences, not male skeletal differences, not male muscle differences, not male Y chromosomes (or not) which mean that to be fair in sporting competition females should compete with females and males with males as well as weight categories. 

Also, you only need to identify “as a woman” for four years, you are not required to hold this long term.

It’s set up for cheating as far as I can tell, there is no way this is fair to allow men to destroy the careers of great female athletes like Luniarra Sipaia (or Tracey Lambrechs from NZ who was kicked off her spot for this person) who have worked hard to get to the top level and now will be bumped out by a male who despite being much older can lift much more than them.



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