‘No hope’ says child vendor

By Ilia L. Likou ,

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BLEAK FUTURE: Tagaloa on a street in Vaitele.

BLEAK FUTURE: Tagaloa on a street in Vaitele.

Fourteen-year old Tagaloa from Vaitele-Fou became a child vendor when she was young.

Providing for her family by selling coconuts and brooms is her daily routine

“I’m from a family of four, my parents, me and my eldest brother.” she said.

“My father works at one of the construction works in Apia, my mother stays home…as usual.

“My father’s salary is not enough to serve my family every day, and that’s why I decided to be on the streets to sell coconuts.

Tagaloa said that her father makes less than $100 every week from his job.

“It’s better for me to quit school and step in to help my parents.” she says.

“It was too hard for me to see my parents struggling to budget for our school fees, food again and again… because we didn’t have much.

She said that sometimes she also sells a range of small products they buy from the Chinese stores.

 “I earned $25 from selling coconuts yesterday…it’s not a lot of money but at least I help my family.

 “At the moment, our family doesn’t have enough money to send me and my brother back to school next week. 

“So I’ll keep working hard to sell this stuff…I’m not sure whether I’ll be back to school this year…we (my family) and I have no hope.

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