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Re: Criminal Libel, Ole Palemia and corruption in high places

It’s time for the Matai Village council to act justly for the freedom of Samoa and its people. 

Concerning the many issues, I believe as a concerned Samoan, we need to stop acknowledging Foreign Systems which bully our people, to conform to their laws...and yet our people live in poverty. 

Another issue, the illegal passing of the L.T.R.A. 2008, as I believe the Criminal Libel Law is only a distraction away from the main issue of our Samoan Customary Lands, the P.M. and the H.R.P.P. government have sought means to take away our Customary Lands, now they have used the same foreign system to suppress the voice of all Samoan people. 

We have become slaves using foreign systems, colonialism within, and the abusing of the trust of our Samoan people is unforgivable.


Sarona Puni Saifaleupolu

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