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Re: Countering lies with the truth

Great editorial. Clearly articulated and well-thought out. Congratulations.

All of these arguments have been put out there before and Samoan men would nod their heads and agree wholeheartedly. Then a short time later, it is back to hitting your wife or girl friend, for whatever reason.

My simplistic explanation for this type of behaviour is because men have not learnt to properly articulate their thoughts, frustrations, fears, etc, etc. Men have been taught that a strong man is a silent one whose one word carries authority. In this type of environment there is no scope for a two way discussion with the other person. Walking away from an argument is considered to be a sign of weakness - just ask anybody. 

Perhaps it is that image of the savage warrior. 

The brother sister covenant only applies to my sister/brother but not to the women who marry into our family. This is the great irony in this covenant, for men it only applies to their direct relations but not to those who are not blood relatives. 

We might hotly dispute this but at the end of the day, how else would you justify hitting your wife or girlfriend?

I know this is simplistic but isn’t this topic worth a massive discussion and airing of different views. Manuia le aso.



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