Dead body found at sea yet to be identified

By Sarafina Sanerivi ,

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Police Media Officer, Su’a Lemamea Tiumalu.

Police Media Officer, Su’a Lemamea Tiumalu. (Photo: File)

The body of a man, which was found by villagers of Levi Saleimoa on 10 October, is still yet to be identified. 

The dead man was found floating at sea. However, the cause of his death still remains a mystery as well. 

This was confirmed by Police Media Officer, Su’a Lemamea Tiumalu.

“At this stage, no family has been able to identify the deceased,” said Su’a.

“We’ve had a couple of families coming in and we showed them the photo but no one recognizes him. 

“Another thing is, you couldn’t really see his face clearly in the photo because his body has started to decompose when it was found.”

Su’a said an autopsy was carried out last week and they are now waiting for the results. 

 “This will enable us to know what happened to him, and help us identify his age and who he.

“Once we get the results from the autopsy, court procedures will start.”

“If no one identifies the man even after the investigation, then the Ministry or the government will arrange a special service for him. We will have a normal funeral service for him.  

“But right now, we are waiting for the results from the autopsy.”

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