Farmer says basic utilities will boost productivity

By Talimalie Uta ,

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A WATER TANK WILL DO: Dee Vaa, 45 Faleasiu.

A WATER TANK WILL DO: Dee Vaa, 45 Faleasiu.

Lack of water is a daily struggle. So says Dee Vaa, 45, of Faleasiu uta. The farmer says their family owns two plantations and that is their main source of income. 

“However our biggest problem is that we don’t have access to a stable water supply,” he said. 

“We work on our plantation and the absent of water makes is difficult for us. We depend on the rain, but it doesn’t rain all the time.

“Aside from working the farm we have to fetch water from coastal area for our plantations.”

The bad roads doesn’t help.

“We don’t use our vehicles because it will ruin their tires and tires are really expensive these days,” he said. 

“Therefore, we carry the water using buckets and old bottles…. And it’s really hard because we all need water for our everyday need.” 

Dee told the Village Voice that their family needs a water tank that can alleviate the lack of water.

 “We have been waiting for government water, but it has not happened yet, so a water tank will do.” According to Dee a pledge was made by their village that families without water will receive a water tank. “But I don’t know if we will ever get one.”

“Fetching water gets tiring and its very discouraging that you have to actually fetch water first then work the plantation.” 

“But I believe that a miracle will happen one day because I have been praying for a water tank a long time ago, hopefully my prayers will be answered.”

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