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Dear Editor,

Re: Future and Yazaki

Here’s where you write the script. Yazaki and Tuna canneries are the past folks, the future is just around the corner. Fix your house first, before you try to put the nails on someone else.

Any good cornerstone you start from the Stone that holds up the entire house.

The house cannot be built on one type of stone. It has to have several stones. One yellow, one red one blue and one Agua magenta. Ok so-- where do you start? Well-- with what you have of course!

Singapore in its modern day reform was founded by Lee Kuan Yew- his was a human capital renaissance. One example.

How Israel went from a 6 Day War into the Modern century-- study yourselves to be approved.

They did it, so can we. Both Apia and Pago Pago can get out of the rut, if they Just stop being so damn Lazy and study yourself like good Talpiots. 

Now study what a Talpiot is, run along gentle men and gracious women of government. Run now, run fast. Run a Talpiot Program that is so intense it’s a 5 year horizon. Reform the entire island. We have no choice!



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